Office Pro Plus – Update Registry Keys

Updates for Office Pro Plus are so different when comparing it to the original MSI installers of Office.

These days Office Pro Plus receives updates outside of the Windows Updates channel and instead has its own multiple update channels depending on how quickly you want try out those new features.

Updating Office Pro Plus especially in a business is usually done via Group Policy and uses offline update media to prevent hundreds if not thousands of devices connecting to Microsoft for updates to the product. This saves precious bandwidth for vital business applications and also allows IT Teams to test out the new releases to prevent bad updates going out to their devices.

Most group policy settings correlate back to a registry key on each device, these are changeable manually through the registry, however can be overwritten by the time group policy synchronises again.

Changing the value of the registry key manually helps with trying to troubleshoot issues with the installation or update process. Below are a list of the registry keys and the GPO which they correlate back to.

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